10. You Are Brave!

Tips for parents. Activities to calm or overcome fear in children.

Teaching children to overcome fears is not an easy task. In this complex but natural stage of the little ones, you will surely need patience and the application of some practical advice that we will explain below. 

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9. You Are Who You Are!

Enjoy the episode You are Who You Are where Rosa and Rosi talk about how they feel when someone looks at them ugly for being different. This can give us a sense of insecurity because we might think we are strange or even ugly. Well no, read and color these tips that will help you become a confident person.

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8. You Are Generous!

The best way to love our neighbors is to be generous with them. Generosity shows that you have values, that you are kind, that you think about others and that you know how to put yourself in the place of others. Enjoy this printable where you can discover new ways to be generous and practice it in your daily life.

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7. You Are Who You Choose to Be!

Watch the video and encourage your kids to name the different feelings they’ve had today. Have their feelings changed during the day? Point out that feelings change all day long, and they’re all okay. Then match the emotions with the emojis.

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6. You Are An Explorer!

Connect the dots that will show you that being an immigrant is the same as being an explorer who left his land to discover new places. When you are done color the pictures and map.

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5. You Are Smart!

Do you get upset when people do not understand you because of your accent? Do you feel dumb about it? Do you feel like you do not belong?  You are not the only one who speak with an accent: everyone speaks with an accent!  Change your way of thinking! Instead of feeling sad about it, you should feel proud that you can speak another language so well. After all, accent is a marker of your identity, and you should feel proud of where you come from. 

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4. It is important to dream and use your imagination! Your strengths, your intelligence, and your good heart are superpowers that will help you achieve your dreams. What do you want to be when you grow up? Download this printable so you can draw it and dream about your future. 

3. You Are Unique!

Draw yourself in the mirror and enjoy your reflection.

Write 5 things you like about yourself.

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  1. We are immigrants and citizens of the world! 🌍 It is very important to document all of our adventures around the world. Download the free #ElAviónTheAirplane Travel Journal in Spanish or English and write about what it means to be a citizen of the world! Then tell your parents to SHARE a pic of your completed Travel Journal and we will share it with our community if you tag us! ✈️

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